Monday, July 6, 2015

The Psychology of Blue

Colors have hidden meanings. The color blue is no different. Whether you're using the color blue to decorate your home, or you're using it within your business for marketing or design, it's important to understand the hidden meaning and language you are going to portray.

Blue is the Color of Trust and Confidence

Blue evokes feelings of trust - it is as dependable as the sky. Use it if you want to portray a feeling of honesty and trust. It's impossible to look at the color blue and not feel secure - the sky is dependable - and it is blue. Additionally, blue is the color of confidence, responsibility, and reliability. People look at the color blue and feel secure - they feel as if the source is trustworthy and reliable.

Blue is Calming and Therapeutic

Blue also evokes feelings of calm and tranquility. Fear tends to melt away as you look into a piece of blue art, or stare into the sky. In fact, medically speaking, the color blue slows a person's heart rate and also reduces appetite. For this reason, the color blue is often used as a relaxant. Many people meditate with the color blue as an aid. Yves Klein blue is an exceptionally relaxing meditative aid. Gazing into the iconic color feels as if you've stepped into a world of peace, tranquility, and freedom.

Blue is the Most Popular Color

Blue is the world's most liked color. The sky is blue and the ocean is blue - two of the world's most predominant colors. If you're using blue as a color in your business or in your home, you can rest assured it will be well-liked and well-received. This is because blue offers us a glimpse into the infinite - into space - and in doing so, it provides us with a calm and a peace.

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